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Teachers are often unprotected victims of school violence. This is usually due to a lack of education in the family and it could also be due to children’s non-recognition of any kind of authority. Peer influence and media can also be one of the causes of Violence Against Teachers. and a very strong influence of peers and the media from which. There is a lot of material available in the form of movies which are highly age inappropriate. This result is usually reproduced in their behaviour and teachers can be at the receiving end.

·         Environmental Influences can also be one of the reasons for violent behaviour in students. Violence can be brought on by stress as a self defence mechanism. Students need to be taught there is a better way.

·         Stress to students can be caused by teachers, classmates and even parents. The students are usually used to being the centre of attention in their homes. The attention is not replicated in school and sometimes problems can arise as a result. Depending on the child’s temperament.

·         Teachers can also encourage violence with their actions. Constant criticism combined with poor grades can bring feelings of hurt and ultimately anger. The student can feel less valuable than his or her peers and this can produce violent behaviour.

·         Teachers should have well defined boundaries and use their authority to develop relationships with their students that encourage reciprocal respect to rules. Studies have shown that Teachers who decide what is tolerable by drawing lines and establishing boundaries have better success at reducing violence in the classroom and against them.

·         Students often divide themselves into groups. In such groups, there is always a leader who in turn determines the behaviour of the other group members by his or her own behaviour.

·         A violent leader would provoke violent behaviour from the others and the same happens when the leader directs violence towards the teacher. The group taunts the teacher(s), and usually disrupt classes. Some might not be violent people but simply because they want to be accepted by their peers. Experiencing unpleasant situations in a work place cannot be productive, nor supportive, especially if it includes violence.

·         Good preparation, interesting delivery of subject content, effective communication with students, with specifically given boundaries of acceptable behaviour and a teacher who acts as an example can help create a good working atmosphere. This will help in the prevention of undesirable student’s behaviour.

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