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The Frandek Consulting skills-based employment training Programme have been carefully designed and developed to meet the participant’s personal effectiveness and work-based needs. This is an opportunity to acquire a life skills, job-place ethics and principles that will empower participants to add value and be effective, efficient and adaptable in their work place.

For maximum effectiveness, the training programme will be delivered by experts, qualified counsellors, vocational and employment coach and trainers.

This programme is divided into two parts:

Part 1 – This section of the program will include providing guidance and coaching on social and interpersonal etiquettes in the area of personal effectiveness in placement or work place. Key areas will include:

  • The World of work and Placement;
  • Understanding and applying your Skills Set
  • Ethical re-orientation and attitudinal change
  • Communication Skills
  • Building Relationships

In essence, the focus is on enhancing the personal effectiveness and sustainability of  placement and employment by participants

Part 2 – This section of the program will include modules on Preparation and Guidance for Vocational Skills–based, Job Search, Work Experience, Work Placement in Corporate and Enterprise environment including Community Work.


Module 1: Vocational Skills–based Preparation and Guidance

This module is designed to help the student become more aware of his/her interests, aptitudes and skills with regard to the world of work and preparing for Placement and the job market (writing application, attending job interviews etc).

Module 2:  Job Search

This module is designed to enable participants to identify and practice various job search skills. The module will also give students an overview of work related pay and conditions and inform them of the different types of employment available, including self-employment. This module will also focus on the use of Social media, IT skills to maximize employment opportunities.

Module 3: Work Experience

This module is designed to enable participants to prepare and plan for a specific work placement and to reflect on their learning from this experience. The module will also assist the participants when exploring possible career paths and when formulating future plans for further work experience, training, and employment.

Module 4:  Work Placement in Corporate and Enterprise environment

This module is designed to enable the participants to set-up, organise and run their own enterprises. Through direct involvement and practical experience the participants will gain a realistic understanding of how an enterprise operates. The focus of this module is on co-operation and teamwork. This module will be linked to current enterprise opportunities and enterprise programmes

Module 5:  Community Work

This module introduces participants to the work of community and voluntary organisations. Through their participation in, contact with, or investigation of a community agency or project they will increase their awareness and understanding of the importance of community work. This module also helps the participants identify opportunities that will allow them to make a positive contribution to their community.